Intergenerational Spring Fling

… and a great time was had by all

Debbi Collar and Shirley Rabb

Stepping out on the dance floor first were couples of the
senior set.   It was the third annual Intergenerational
Spring Fling and was met with repeated success.
Hostesses for the evening were Camryn Pfeiffer an
Isabel Bates.

They were quickly joined by the others- the younger

Both generations sneaking a peek at each other's dancing

Pfeiffer and Bates did not hesitate in giving credit to the
originators of the event, Lauren Parr & Jenna Laidley.
Pfeiffer and Bates both are Juniors at Melrose High
School.  Bates says she became involved as a volunteer first
and now as hostess because "it's great to bring people
together, youth and Senior Citizens, Pfeiffer added, "it's a
fun night of dancing and entertainment."

William and Rosemary Munsey were dancing together
for their 59th year. Kay Danieli and Jessie Freda never
missed a step with Jessie's walker.

Students were not only getting community service credits
but serving the senior generation at a buffet, greeting
people at the door of Memorial Hall on a Friday night, and
joining in on the dance floor.  Students were well dressed
and courteous as they kept water, coffee and tea flowing at
each table.  All of this done with pleasant smiles.
Throughout the evening, not a cellphone, IPAD or laptop
was spotted.

Melrose High School Students spend a Friday night
serving the Seniors in their community at the
Intergenerational Spring Fling
and Carol
McGreevey holds her prize - a basket of assorted candies
and sweets.

Seniors were also handed a raffle ticket when welcomed at
the door of Memorial Hall. Winners went home with prizes
that had been donated by Melrose Business owners.

Students were also willing to converse about their
ambitions for the future.  

           Ellen Zinnah and Connor McDaid

As part of the graduation track, the high school students
are required to do Community Service. Ellen Zinnah was
"interested in helping out and being involved in my
community." She is considering a career in health care.

Sophomore Connor McDaid, filling water at the tables
and serving food at the buffet discussed how he found out
about the Intergenerational Dance at school and "thought it
would be a good way to do Community Service." As to his
future, he is considering either "becoming a Marine
Biologist or joining the military."

However, what brought out the adults to the 3rd annual
Intergenerational Spring Fling?  Two friends gathered at one
of the tables and said it was the enjoyment of the past
dances attended. Carol McCormack's thoughts, when she
was asked why she returned each year prompted her to say,
"I like the dancing. The kids are wonderful. It's nice that
these youngsters can be with us and enjoy it."

Carol McCormack and Susan Moskaluk   DJ
Dan Maguire

McCormack also brought a new face to the event, her
friend, Susan Moskaluk who "grew up in Melrose" and
hopes to return to the city. McCormack convinced her to go
to the Intergenerational dance because, "The music is good,
the food is good."  She also enjoyed having the younger
generation serving them. Connor was their waiter.

DJ Dan Maguire provided the music and the entertainment.
Two women were invited to the dance floor for a ping
pong/hula hoop game. The contestants were chosen after
a playing card was passed around each table. The top two
numbers were winners and got the chance to compete for
the prize basket.

Maguire has enjoyed the dance as well. It is his 2nd year at
the Intergenerational Spring Fling.  His feeling is that,"They
should have these dances all the time, it’s fantastic! "
Summing up the evening, he says, "It has become “a
tradition that will happen every year, it’s fantastic” adding
“there aren’t many times when these folks
(Intergenerational) can intermingle like this.”


****Editor's note- Many thanks to Mayor Rob Dolan, the
Melrose Board of Aldermen, Kathy Piggott-Brodeur,
Council On Aging Executive Director Dawn Folopoulos and
Melrose High School, for coordinating this Community
Service event.

May 6, 2016

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