A last blast of winter storms

... it just stuck to everything ...

from Don Norris

Everybody was getting out their spring things -- the picnic
table, the outdoor stove, raking up the brown sparse
grass -- when Old Man Weather turned turtle once again -- and
spoiled that glorious season called Spring.

And so we Stringers recorded this, ummm, tragedy, poking
our cameras out the windows and through a crack opening of the
storm door. Heavens forbid if we should try to go out, into that
land of sticky white stuff. After all, winter was officially
over. This was supposed to be Spring.

The snow was sticky and stuck to everything. Our world in
Melrose was a beautiful bright, shiny white.

It lasted a few days -- the beauty, that is. Winter just
seemed to extend itself well into our spring.

And now, we can say Goodbye to winter snow. Hello,
warm Spring days, lovely evenings, bright longer days.

May 6, 2016

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