Doodling, racing ... and the stock market

... while motoring through the fields one day ...

from Don Norris

No question about it, I'm a fanatic for creating art, for
capturing scenes along my travels, to either draw, sketch,
photograph or paint any scenery that attracts my attention.

It usually happened back in the '70s, when I was an active
participant in motorcycle endurance competitions. We rode
all over New England, doing (in competition) some 200 or
300 miles in a day, mostly off-road stuff -- through the woods,
cross the rivers, right into the swamps -- It was the most
exhilarating thing I've ever accomplished.

On the other hand, all those miles on a woods bike gave me
ample ammunition for my art. I always had a backpack with a
sketch pad, pencils or pens to draw with. Whenever I saw some
scene I wanted to draw or photograph, I'd mark on my maps and
go back days -- or weeks or months, later. to do art.

It was a wonderful marriage of the competition on our
dirtbikes and the capturing of scenes and places all over
New England.

Meanwhile, Lorry and I kept a keen eye on the stock market --
which provided the where-with-all for racing and painting.

The enduro game lasted ten years, and it seems most of
the riders -- maybe 200-300 at an enduro -- got their fill
-- like me. I still have a couple of bikes, but they are
nothing like that Spanish Bultaco I rode in competition. But,
I realize, the competition was for ten years, while the art is
a life-long hobby. I'm in my eighties now, I still have two bikes, but
the house is full of the art I have drawn or painted over my

It has been a good life.

Doodling in my Suduko puzzle book. I won.

May 6, 2016

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