What we seniors can do ...

... carving, painting, innovation, modernization ...

from Don Norris

Painting/drawing by Don Norris

Folks tend to under-sell us -- the seniors of the world --
figuring we all have dimentia, we're losing it, we have no

Well, that's not true -- at least for those healthy seniors
involved in activities at the Milano Center. Just check the
monthly publication "Looking Ahead" to see what we are

There's more, though. We have a large number of painters,
lots of folks involved in caning furniture, exercising,
reading, going to the weekly show, attending lectures,
producing new ideas and discussions...

Then there is Don Norris, an 85-year old gent who thinks
he is still at his desk, writing for some newspaper or
magazine. He's writing for the seniors' "Melrose Mirror" --
that internet news-rag dealing with our city's oldest (and
wisest) population.

Watch the Mirror every month, and see how we really get

Author's note: Drawing, carving, painting, facetiousness
-- all by the author, Don Norris.

May 6, 2016

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