In the car, in the rain

... cold and damp, but dry ...

by Shirley Rabb

The rain was pounding on the roof of the car, making what might be called hard rock music.

One man walking his dog through the parking lot was hastening to his car. He obviously started his walk before the downpour and he and his dog got caught in the deluge.

The trees are still, the evergreens and those waiting to turn summer green again.

Logs and limbs are piled behind the low fence. Clearing had been done when the weather was more acceptable.

There is a bulletin board not too far away from my parking space but it is raining too hard for me to check it out.

The man and his dog have gone, but there are still a few cars in the lot.

The temperature is about 55 degrees and the sky is grey with rain.

I opened the window to take a few pictures and snapped quickly, before I hit the up button again.

There is one tree, close by, that seems to have been chopped away. Had this been Maine I would suggest it was done by a bear; but I do believe this was a manmade cutting.

Except for the sound of the rain on the roof all is still at Breakheart so I just sat back and continued reading my book.

June 3, 2016

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