It had to be you

... A poem in elegiac verse

Richard Umbro

They say each star is a loved one, watching over us with
light, then the brightest of them all, has led me through the

And now that shining star has dimmed, a new dawn to face,
once more alone in the race, only a memory now to

Another walk in the sun, two shadows now, not one, and
then I knew, ---- It had to be you.

Still, others say, our loved ones walk beside us, to keep
from harms way, then the one loved most of all, takes my
hand each day,

And if perhaps, some hear a choir of angels, and the
comfort they bring, then in the distance, yet very
near, I hear a special angel sing,

To a favored tune, from a time long past, and then I knew,
- - - - It had to be you.


May 6, 2016

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