Did you know?

... Ice cream cones, Mayday, Dr. Teeth

by Florence Shea

                             Mother’s Day  May 8

On December 15, 1903, Italo Marchiony of New York received patent
number 746,971 for his “new and useful "Improvements in Moulds”
including “apparatus for forming ice cream cups and the
like” – and the age of the ice cream cone was born.

The largest movie theater in the world, Radio City Music Hall in
New York City, opened in December 1932. It originally had
5,945 seats.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York City hung Matisse’s  ‘Le Bateau’
upside-down for 47 days before an art student noticed the error.

For $150 you can become a licensed dead animal hunter in Texas.

It is illegal to duel with water pistols in Massachusetts.

Most Jell-O contains crushed hooves.

The first American female attorney Arabella Mansfield was born in Iowa.
She was certified in 1869 as an attorney and admitted to the Iowa bar,
but never practiced law. Instead she chose a career as a college educator
and administrator. She was also instrumental in the founding of the Iowa
Suffrage Society in 1870.

Thomas Edison invented wax paper.

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, but his father Immanuel
invented plywood.

In 1810 in England Peter Durand invented the tin can for
holding food.

The voice call “Mayday” originated in 1923 by Frederick Stanley
Mockford. Mockford was asked to think of a word that would indicate
distress and be easily understood by both all pilots and ground staff
in an emergency. Since much traffic was between London and Paris,
he proposed the word “Mayday” from the French “m’aider” (Translates
to “help me”).

In Texas it’s illegal to swear in front of a casket.

Frontiersman Daniel Boone once boasted: “I can’t say I was ever lost,
but I was bewildered once for three days”?

Dr. Teeth was the leader of the band “Electric Mayhem” on
The Muppet Show.

May 6, 2016

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