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from Steve Johnson

Attached is an e-mail I received on Monday, 4/18, from Charleen Fahey who is a grand-daughter of C. F. Hinchey. It includes comments on my March 2013 article on "The Paperboys Of Hinchey's":

"Just read your article about Hincheys. I am Charleen, Jean Noyes daughter. I thought I would correct a couple of things in the article, not that it matters. My grandfather Charles owned the store till he died in 1955 and left it to his sons Charles, Joseph,(Buzzie) Eddie. Buzzie took over the store as Charles (Rusty) was not interested in the business; my mom Jean and Aunt Bev also worked there and took over Miss Turpins duties.

I was brought up in the store and we probably saw each other. My job was waiting on the candy counter and I loved it.  My cousins loved it to. When we got older we had to fold newspapers on Saturday afternoon and do paper routes when paper boys didn't show up we delivered in knee deep snow. I can remember when Buzz would put the chains on the truck for the bad storms. I lived with Bus all my life with my mom in the family home on Sanford St.

My mom and Bus took sick at the same time and none of the family could continue the store. We were all sad to see the store close and even sadder when it was torn down. I have not lived in Melrose for years so never saw your article my daughter came across it. My mom and U. Bus would have loved reading it."

Charleen Noyes Fahey

May 6, 2016

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