Scenes from "The Waiting Room" ...

... Mirror camera-man waits his turn ...

from Don Norris

Scenes from "The Waiting Room"

No doubt about it, the whole staff knows that Don Norris is undergoing that rough time-of-life called "old Age" disease. Body parts fail, innards malfunction, mind wanders a bit, pain is almost always there.

It's a time when visits to Lahey Clinic and it's rather large body of doctors -- is a daily thing. Almost. There was the open heart surgery, which went well, but has taken six months to get the rest of the body back to functioning properly. Then the medicos said that the heart's pace-maker should be recharged -- then changed their collective minds and chose to replace the entire pace-maker altogether. I got the latest, the newest, the best pace-maker there is -- imported from Portland, Oregon.

Trips to Lahey in Burlington are frequent now. At 25 miles round-trip, that puts some strain on the odometer -- but it's all tax deductible, and, after-all, gasoline prices are a kick below reasonable these days. Down from three or four dollars a gallon.

Man, it's rough to get old. All at once! I mean, one day I was an active reporter/editor for the Melrose Mirror, the next I was flat on my back counting butterflies.

At this writing, I am still quite sore in the left pectoral area, where they put the latest pace-maker. Apparently I didn't take to the operation very well, and have been hurting somewhat ever since.

By the way, my wife and I figure that the open heart surgery cost somewhere around fifty- to seventy-thousand dollars. Which didn't bother me because I have health insurance. In the meantime, I have been exposed to the very best of medicos that Lahey can supply -- and am alive and still kicking.

I DO anticipate being well and useful again, hopefully in the near future.

Two weeks later: Ah, I have been through one more operation on my chest, and I truly believe that everything is okay now -- everything but my memory -- which should improve, the Docs say. I am back to work (actually, I never quit) -- although I can't remember what photos I promised to get for this story. I'll look around.

May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016

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