A week-end in Melrose

... and how diversified we are

by Shirley Rabb

My week-end started at 1pm on Saturday when a friend and
I went to Veterans Memorial Middle School to see “Les
Miserables”. The Melrose Drama group performed this
wonderful play which took place in the trying times of 19th
century France.



The music included “I dreamed a Dream”, “my favorite song
“Bring Him Home” and all the other great songs of the
original play. There were nine members of the 2016
graduating class performing and a cast of about 30
students and young people. The singing and dramatic
segments of the play were very well played under the music
direction of Shawn Gelzleichter. It was outstanding and
moving. The Director was Adam Schuler and
Choreographer Becca Flint.  Although each member of the
cast and crew deserves credit, there were too many in the
Melrose High School production to name each one

On Saturday evening it was the New England Light Opera
company who performed at the Melrose Highlands
Congregational Church on Franklin St in Melrose. The
performance was billed as light opera performing sounds of
Appalachian Voices; art, folk, and sacred music from the
heart of the mountains.


There were haunting sounds from flautist Elke Jahns, as she
played on her Cherokee Flute made of cedar wood.
Sopranos Kaja Fickes and Jeanne Lucas, and pianist Sarah
Koonce gave us songs that we could follow in the program.
Mark Morgan, baritone raised his voice in song that filled
the church.

This was not a Daniel Boone coon skin cap, banjo playing
music but moving and different than I had heard before.
The company has performed all over New England and I can
see why. It was an interesting presentation with great
applause at the end of the evening.

On Saturday and Sunday the 11th Annual Melrose Art
festival took place at the Memorial Hall on Main St. There
were 42 artists from Melrose and the surrounding areas
displaying their talents. There was live music both days to
entertain the artists, browsers and shoppers.

                         WELCOME SIGN                                       
Janis Doucette

                      Page Wallis                       Margery Jennings                                 
Caseymae Ramey

                      Ashley Procopio                   Thom Ciulla                                      
Derel SooHoo

                         Adine Storer                                                      
crowd with sign of Red Hatter

There were unique  paintings, pottery, quilting,
photography, pen and ink works and jewelry. There were
bright colors and brass and sterling and so much more. The
talented artist were pleasant and informative about their
works and made the walk around the hall a pleasant time
well spent.

This week-end was an example of what the citizens of
Melrose can enjoy in this wonderful city of entertainment
and culture.

May 6, 2016

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