Laugh with the ladies

... a unique and fun presentation

by Shirley Rabb

Last month two members of the Delvena Theatre Company entertained a full house at the senior center.
The mistress of ceremony, Fran Baron introduced us to Lynne Moulton.

Actually who we saw and heard was Sophie Tucker dressed up in a red hot gown singing Red Hot Mama.


A short game of trivia and the Minnie Pearl in her country blue dress and her cute hat with tag, entertained us with
jokes of the hills and the Grand Old Opry.

Lucille Ball did her shtick on the wonderful Vitamegavitamin commercial that so many of us enjoyed years ago-- and
laughed at again today.

Ethel Merman sang “Coming up Roses” for us and you could close your eyes and remember the play Gypsy where
the song came from.

All of the impersonations were done by Lynne Moulton, and prompted by jokes from Fran Baron.

The songs, the dialogues, the costumes and the laughter made it another great time presented by some very
talented ladies of the Delvena Theater Company.

June 3, 2016

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