Empty Nest Syndrome

... I have Empty Nest Syndrome

by Betty Rossi

I have a bird's nest. A fatty, fatty Robin made it just before we had a week's
worth of rain. She worked and worked on it, day after day. I was thrilled with
the anticipation of eggs, nestlings and their peeping. Then it started to rain.
She disappeared and I thought for sure she had headed for cover and I watched
her nest, hoping that it didn't wash away.

Mother's Day came and went with a little sunshine, but the Robin didn't come back.
Her nest is as good as new, but no bird or eggs. A female Cardinal landed on a branch
close to the nest and I was hoping beyond hope that she'd take the nest over. The male
Cardinal flew up beside her and fed her. Boy, talk about warming my heart! I was hoping
that they would take over where the Robin left off.

It's now Monday and sixty degrees out and sunny, sunny, sunny, but no one is sitting
on the nest. She must have forgotten where she built it. I had "Empty Nest Syndrome"
when my children left home to make their own "nests". I have never heard of anyone
having "Empty Nest Syndrome" twice, but I sure do.  

June 3, 2016

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