It must be what humans call spring

... because now I smell the flowers

by Casa

The weather has been really nice so I am walking twice a day - (most days). You know, just around Melrose and in my neighborhood, but it is great.

Of course I cannot tell colors of new plants but I can certainly smell the difference of each.

On certain days there is trash put out for those big noisy trucks to pick up, but I donít mind while I am walking.  When I am home and these trucks stop by my house I bark at them to move on; and they do!

There is a house where the people have chopped down some trees and put a funny looking bucket and statue in its place. How silly when the tree was so beautiful and big.

One day I saw a man way up on a ladder fixing a house; and other days there are birds and squirrels and rabbits to catch my eye. These things do not take my mind of my mission, especially in the early morning hours.

It seems one family has a car for everyone in the house, how extravagant is that.

I have not been to the ocean yet, but I have been in our lake in Maine; that is always nice.

Now I can look forward to summer and I hope it will not be too hot. You all know about the dog days of summer, right? But before that I will enjoy the spring and I hope you all do too.

June 3, 2016

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