A healthy Melrose -- at the fair

... An annual event??? We keep on lookin' gooood ...

Photos from Don Norris, with aid from nurse/wife Lorry.

Pictures of the health fair, shot by Silver Stringer Don Norris
(still recuperating from heart surgery) -- not much copy,
but lots of flicks.

The caption of this shot should read something like, "I'm
looking for something that will make me grow up beautiful.

It all happened on Saturday, May 14, at the School Complex
Athletic Field on the Parkway. Lots and lots of people
lookin' to stay healthy -- or get that way.

That's an Englishman that Lorry has approached, asking if
he and his compatriots down at the workout center (just
south of the old Melrose Savings Bank, on Main) could
make her husband whole again. They'd try, he said,

The pup on the left grumbled an "arf" when asked how to
get to Turner's Restaurant. The doggie on the right just
wanted to go home.

There was nothing for sale, but there were lots of
handouts, including some really handy green nylon
shopping bags -- presumably for endless samples. Lollipops,
samples, pencils .... Oooh, there were many lessons,
dancing, exercising, working out ... There
were also three food trucks selling goodies.

These photos were shot at random, with no theme in mind
-- just picturing the people and the booth people.

There were various outdoor classes related to fitness --
karate, dance, reps from physical fitness centers ...
somebody handing out a zillion bananas ...

And green nylon smallish grocery bags -- designed to carry
a bundle of free health stuff, home. Most folks filled two,
sometimes three, with freebies. Pencils, tooth paste,
brushes ...

All in all, like last year, it almost rained but we got away,
again, dry. It was a successful, healthy happening. So
Thank you to all involved in production of the Third Annual
Good Health Fair in Melrose.

June 3, 2016

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