What a good day it was

... and I was a part of it

by Casa

I did my usual morning stuff when my parent let me out at 6:30, and then home to roast beef and pills.

I spent some time alone guarding the house while she went shopping. Most of the time I just jumped up on the bed and slept while I waited.

In the afternoon while she was weed whacking the grass I got my drinks at the lake, and my walks away from the sound and motion of the grass cutting machine.


We both went swimming, me up to my belly, and then we got to lay in the sunshine. There was a great breeze so no flies or bugs bothered me, even when I moved to the shade.

The wind kept the trees moving around and the sound kind of put me to sleep.

Later I got my snacks, then roast beef with hidden pills. I know that the pills are there but if I donít chew them up I only get them put down my throat and less roast beef. I am not a dumb dog!


We had a friend over for dinner and I got my chicken in a dish also. I am not sure what they ate but I did hear them talk about how good the lobster and corn chowder was.

I am resting on my side of the couch as my parent reads one of her many books.

Boy it was a great day today!

July 1, 2016

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