Avalon writes ...

...  here's what I'm up to now

by Avalon Berg and Florence Shea

Hello Melrose. I thought you might like an update on what up with me.


How many does it take to give a 2 year old little girl a bath? A cat and 2 adults. Our cat Yeti just supervises things. After a bath my dad reads me one of the many books I have. He picks out some books and then lets me choose which one we're going to read. He's knows the consequences if I can't pick out the book.


I looove hats and have an extensive collection. This one I wear often and is called "after bathing". My dad is forced to wear a hat inside the house pretty much all the time.



As you can see I've gotten much taller since Thanksgiving. Being tall runs in my dad's family. He is 5' 10" and uncle Eric is 6" 2". Dad had a great aunt Ruth and great uncle Jack who were at least as tall as if not a  little taller than uncle Eric.
I am modeling my new jacket. So far it's only been worn indoors but there will come a day when I'll need it to go outside.

Yeti loves to play hide and seek with me.

Now I can help get myself dressed/undressed. Grandma Liz said I can make sentences of 4-5 words, but dad calls them blobs. The temper tantrums have started. I've had my first week of them. My new favorite foods are pineapples and sausage. My new favorite book is called "Sea Tiger." I have a new best friend named "Big Kitty" (a stuffed tiger). Big Kitty goes everywhere with me and looks nearly brown with dirt and love (she was yellow). Now that it's summer I love wearing sandals.

That's all for now.


July 1, 2016

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