I come from Bawstin

... I found part of this in an old notebook

by Betty Rossi

While looking for inspiration for my upcoming article, I was looking through a
notebook from 2012 and found all kinds of good junk. I must have thought
enough about this to copy parts of it into the notebook and I don't know where
the last part came from, but sure do want to share it with you.

At our last meeting of the Melrose Mirror, Don Norris, you know that guy from
Joisy and Flaw-id-da, who has lived in Baw-stin over fifty years, couldn't
understand something Kay, Florence, Joe and I were saying about Pine Banks
Park and the Porta Potties and how the kids can't take "sha-was" after their
track meets. So, Don, here are a few things we real Baw-stony-yens say all
of the time....Frappes have ice cream, Milk Shakes do not. Soda is Club Soda
and Pop is "Dad". We call Revere, Re-vee-ah; Peabody, Pee-buddy; Medford,
Med-fid; Boston, Baws-sten; Woburn, Woo-bin; Gloucester, Glaw-sta;
Worcester, Wus-ta, Chatham, down by Cape Cawd, Chattum and Falmouth, Fal-mith.

This is the part that was in the notebook that I loved. I added a little bit to it.
Figure this out, Mr. Norris ... hahaha.

"Just Nawtha Baw-stin, last time I was in Peebuddy, about an awwa away, I
awdid acupala subs at a stowa and when they were ready, I heard the guy yelling
'Numba faw-ty-fowa, Ya awdas ready. Wanna wadda?'" Don, betcha a qudda
you needed help with this!!!

July 1, 2016

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