A new view of Mount Hood

... a short drive up a hill in Saugus

from Don Norris

It wasn't the best of days, but I was out on my motorcycle, looking for new paths to add to my Escape Route -- you know, get out of town without going out on that hideous Route 1 -- or worse, I-93.

I headed east out Howard Street, turned left on the first street I came to in Saugus. It was definitely a residential area -- a winding, curvy street with 20-year old homes. Nice, quiet, void of traffic. There were a couple of side streets, but I wanted to see where the main drag would take me.

About a mile along, the road started uphill -- definitely up a hill. The view behind me was getting better as I climbed, and I finally reached a cul-de-sac at the top. I estimate we were about 150 feet above sea level. In the distance, looking south,  was another hill -- hazy in the morning sun -- but there, directly to the south, was the Mount Hood Tower.

To our tower's left -- or east-- was another tower, this one a radio tower -- probably part of the Logan Airport landing system. Further to the right of the Hood were four radio towers that we Melrosians assume are part of our town. One could follow the ridge line to the west and south -- Malden wasn't visible because of the hills in Melrose -- and the fine Pine Banks Park summit.

Of course the Boston skyline was the next sight, hazy in the distance. But I could follow the shore line around South Boston to spot Quincy -- and of course, several islands of Boston Harbor. Unfortunately everything beyond Mount Hood was blurred by haze, but, never-the-less, the view was, um, interesting.

Try it some time. If you don't ride a motorcycle, you can always drive there in your car.

July 1, 2016

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