The sun is high above the trees

... time sure does fly

by Shirley Rabb

When I bought this house on the lake 45 years ago I thought that when the trees did grow they would probably fall on the house during the first Maine winter storm.

The trees are about 100 feet tall now and swaying slightly in the afternoon breeze. They are healthy and shade bearing beautiful.

Casa is controlling the perimeter of the property looking for a place to water a bush. Mission accomplished she will go back to lying in the fading sun.

The sun covers the beach and part of the lawn but along the western fence there is now shade to remind me that the day is slowly going to turn into evening and then night.

The birds, Blue Jays and Chickadees are changing spaces at the feeder.

It is almost time to get ready for dinner; this evening provided by a friend. My contribution will be salad, and ice cream for dessert. Ice cream with nuts was requested and it sits in the freezer waiting for dinner to end; but now I have to set the table and look forward to a wonderful, comfortable, friendly Maine evening.

July 1, 2016

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