Jumprope Chant For Elders

... Out goes Y-O-U

Natalie Thomson

Lost my hanky
I am cranky
Bones are creaking
Nose is leaking
Knees are snapping
Brain is napping
Pain in shoulder
Getting bolder
Toenails toughen
Breath is puffin'
Sights' appalling
Hair is falling
Can't remember
Last September
Mem'ries going
Nose ain't blowing
(Then it's dripping)
Heart is skipping
Sometimes quick'ning
Veins are thick'ning
Pill box beeping
Friends are sleeping
(While I'm talking)
Limp while walking
Hearing's failing
Thyroid's ailing
Hairs grow in
On cheek and chin
Head is hurtin'
One thing's certain
Age is showin'
I'll keep goin'
It's a song
That must be sung:
Body's old
But Spirit's young!

Originally published June 2, 2000..

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