Melrose History

... outlander envisions life as a "real" Melrosian.

by Debbi Collar

What is there about a town that attracts people from all over to become residents
in later life or at least "wanna be" residents?

Our Silver Stringers from The Melrose Mirror have decided to write their own
memories of growing up in and/or around the city throughout a span of at least
50 or more years.

Having happily spent my life as a resident of Saugus, there are many
memories of my mother's sister, the woman I called "Aunt Susan", and her own
wishes, at one time to become a Melrose resident. Following her marriage to the
man who became my "Uncle Henry," there had been discussion as to where they
would live and raise their family. My Revere born Aunt and my Lowell born
Uncle considered both Melrose and Weymouth when they felt the need to
expand their living quarters in Revere ... Weymouth won out due to the cost
of housing in that area in comparison to Melrose.   

At a recent Silver Stringers meeting, it was evident that long time residents and
transplants enjoyed their growing up years or transplanted years stepping back in
time to remember those good old days in the  now newly tooted number 1 place
to live ~ Melrose.

Having recently joined as a member of the Silver Stringers, I've learned a lot
about the city.Yet as I sat surrounded by Melrosians, discussion centered on the
next issue of The Melrose Mirror and all of us writing our memories of the city
and its history, one question was directed to me ~ the lone Saugonian.

"What are you going to write about?"

Living my whole life just over the border from Melrose, many days of my
childhood were spent skiing or coasting at Mt. Hood. There were other days on
the pond there as well My  father, "Buddy" would always carry a stick to
measure the thickness of the ice to be certain it was safe for his only daughter
and his wife, "Elli" to glide across the frozen pond.

Debbi, trying out new skis at Mt. Hood, with friend Lynda in the 1960s

Now, as an adult, I find myself involved in many community events in Melrose.
Due to my Saugus location, my parish is "officially" listed as being in Melrose,
despite my Saugus residence. One day, I too,hope to become a resident of the city.

There are so many pleasant memories of Melrose in my own childhood past and
I have enjoyed it all of my experiences there.

Now, there you have it, the answer as to what I am going to write about as we
"Silver Stringers" collaborate on our story.

August 5, 2016

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