A summer shower

... and it was all over

by Shirley Rabb

In the late afternoon the sky turned from hazy blue to shades of grey. The clouds were no
longer fluffy white but silver steel. It was going to rain; I could see it and feel it in the

Things became still. The trees stopped moving and the birds have left the feeders. The cries
of the loons passed away in the darkening lake.

There were a few soft showers at dinner time and then it was quiet again. The sky turned
black and there were no stars to be seen in the heavens. At midnight, the start of a new day
the rain came to cleanse the parched earth.

The trees were restless in the relentless downpour. An hour later the night was quiet and we
all slept.

The next morning the table and chairs were all wet from the rain; and the trees and bushes
are happy to hold the memory drops on their leaves. The sky is once again summer blue with
waves of white clouds.

Last night the heavens opened to display its powerful forces as rain moved through the area;
this morning the sky, once more on display is of the power of sunshine and peace.

August 5, 2016

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