... Nonsense, all about Tick-Tocks ...

... but do I really need four time pieces?

from Don Norris

There are actually four clocks in this pix -- look at the lower
right corner of the TV screen -- not only, in very small type, does it tell me
what time it is, but what Day it is AND the full date -- day, month and year.
This is a bargain!

We bought a new clock and now we are having some strange troubles.

One clock (the older battery-operated job), gives us a plain and
simple Tick-tock, which actually covers TWO seconds -- while the new clock
(also battery operated) gives a strange noise that goes something like tick-tock
-- but not really. I think I have found a sound for which there are no letters
in English to describe.

So we settle for "tick-tock". Now the sound in the computer room becomes "tick-
tock-tick-tock. How many seconds pass while this phenome is happening -- causes
me to look at my new watch -- which I bought at a Walmart in New Hampshire,
recently, for seven bucks. It too has it's own noise, but one has to be a
superman with absolutely perfect hearing to hear it's Chinese noise. Hmmmmmm.

So I brought in our old "camp clock", three-inches by three inches, dressed
(like all the others) in sheer black. It too makes the clock-sound but one has
to hold it up to one's good ear to hear it.

That's it. That's what I'm talking about. All these small, inexpensive time-
machines are making SOME noise -- which, when joined together in the rather
small computer room, creates a cresciendo of whirling, of ticks, of tocks -- all
of which seem to make my computer room sound like, um, a library. No, like a
schoolroom. No, a clock factory.

It is a busy sound. It is a sound of modern machinery, maybe something like a
1936 elementary classroom. Yes, I remember that sound.

All these time-pieces now give a choice of what time it is. Would you believe,
at any given instant, there are four clocks all giving me a slightly different
time. Hey, this really is magic.

And it's something to write about, Just don't ask me what time it is. I seldom
wear a watch.

PS: Strange comments from our editors gave me reason to count the clocks
Lorry and I have in our rather smallish Cape Cod house: Four in the Computer
Room. Five in the bedroom (Beside-the-bed alarm clock, two radio clocks, one in
the TV, four wrist-types on my dresser). Three in the LR (one in the TV, one in
the disk player machine, and one on the desktop). Three in the kitchen --
stove, micro-wave, and a funky faded, erratic timer-clock on the counter. One wall-
clock in the New Room. Four in the computer room. And one in the guest room
upstairs. One in each of the two cars. What's that? Somewhere around
twenty-seven time-pieces, most drawing precious electricity from the
electric company, which is getting rich on my 27 time-pieces.

Perhaps it's time to cut back. I'll check it out ...

P.S.: It took me about two hours to do this story -- since the count of
clockworks was so, ah, spread out, house-wise.

September 2, 2016

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