It's volleyball season again!!!

... Coach Celli opens with all-age training sessions

from Don Norris

Once a year, in mid-summer, Melrose High volleyball Coach Scott Celli holds a
three-day introduction to the fast game of volleyball, with participants
ranginging in age from 17 down to five or six. There are a few younger
participants who find the ball is about a third their height. Others (mostly
experienced players) are veterans of Middlesex League play, brought on to both
sharpen their play and act as instructors for the younger girls.

Several members of last year's varsity and JVs served as leaders of the various
age groups. The program ran for three straight afternoons in late July.

Tryouts for varsity position usually begins a week for school opening. In the
meantime several varsity players are playing with temporary clubs in summer
league action -- important for gaining experience, building muscles and

Faculty member Steve Wall has resigned as coach of the Jayvees. In the meantime
former star hitter Athena Ziavras, who recently earned her bachelor's degree, is
temporarily filling the void.

The season opens in mid-September -- the Lady Raiders are usually among the top
in the Middlesex League. Games are open to the public; the varsity games usually
begin at 5:00p.m. Easy parking is right next to gym, off Melrose Street.

August 5, 2016

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