The Melrose that was

... SilverStringers and readers remember when --

by Kay McCarte

With this issue the editors of the Melrose Mirror are beginning a new section to recall how Melrose was when we were growing up or when we moved to Melrose or, maybe, just worked in Melrose over the many past decades.

We will reprint some of the articles that have been published over the years, write new articles as our memories are jogged by discussions at our meetings, and we ask that you, our readers, join us in this "history" of the Melrose that was,

As you read these articles we hope you will add your remembrances to our upcoming issues, perhaps letting us know that that was not the way you remembered a person, place or event, or expanding on the subject at hand.

All correspondence can be sent by e-mail to Melrose@media.mit.edu, snail mail to the SilverStringers, Milano Senior Center, 201 West Foster Street, Melrose, MA 02176, given to a member of the SilverStringers or join us at a meeting on Wednesday afternoons at 1:30. Articles may be typed or hand-written and we would love to get old pictures, which will be printed and returned.

Please help us make this a great, fun project.

August 5, 2016

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