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... In response to an article by Debbi Collar in our August issue

by Debbi Collar

On Aug 6, 2016,  Letter to Kappa Members

Hello, Women!

For a welcomed change, it's my pleasure to share some good news with you.

Francine Ricupero has just informed me that there was a nice article in yesterday's Melrose Mirror about Kappa Delta Psi which featured an interview with Bea Wadland.  She has asked me to forward this to all of you.  Enjoy!

KDP for ever!! Thank you to all who made this article happen. WE LIVE!

This is fabulous!! Thank you Francine for making this happen!  Friendship is the most important component and I think we Kappa sisters are blessed to be part of such a wonderful group!This made my day!

Yours in Kappa
Andrea DeAngelo

September 2, 2016

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