Unusual pix, mistakes, wonderments ...

... sometimes, mystically, the picture turns out different ...

from Don Norris

Hmmmm, What is this? Ah! the beard of the giant that lives in the Melrose woodlands, in the southeast corner of town ... ??? Naaahhhh.

This photo was taken during my Nikon period -- now I'm into Canons -- about one full decade ago. While memories fade easy these days, I recall shooting this wonderment some 15 years ago, near the lower pond in the southeast corner of town. There was nothing mystical about the shot, but in close-up mode, it tickled my curiosity.

It is (or was) a clump of wild grass, growing in the wetlands at the east end of the pond. I don't remember, but there were probably some young people diving off the cliff at the west end of the pond, that day.

It is grass. It is green grass. Healthy, growing, lovely. Over the years, the photo, stored in my computers, lost its color, and became, almost, a black-and-white.

By the way, if you're tired of hiking the woods on our city's west side, there are some lovely, virgin areas in this southeast corner.

Don't get lost, and be sure to avoid the flying golf balls!

September 2, 2016

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