Restaurants of choice

... and marvelous menu's to choose from

by Shirley Rabb

I am a person that eats out very often; about five or six times a week. Lunch
or dinner is usually spent with friends so the places to eat are varied depending who speaks the loudest.

For breakfast I really do favor the Broken Yoke in Wakefield. Now I am not
a big egg eater but their veggie omelet is outstanding and the happy
atmosphere is welcome in the morning. The price is very reasonable and
the service tops.

For lunch, if I am eating alone I prefer a six inch turkey sub with all the
veggies in the case, (except the hot stuff). Out with friends it could be any
of the following: Sea Witch in Peabody, on route one, Belle Isle in Winthrop,
or even Liberty Bell in Melrose.

Now dinner is another thing. Monday night it is a veggie pizza on whole wheat
crust at Prince Pizzeria on route one in Saugus. Best Chinese food, definitely
is Tulips buffet in Stoneham. For more than that we have a list of places to
go including Stearn and Hill's right here in Melrose. The 99 in Stoneham,
Jimmy's on route one Saugus; there is the Cheescake factory, Legal Seafood and
on and on and on. All this and not mentioning the Vocational school lunches
or lunch at the Concord Jail.

Even if you only go out to eat once a week it is a pleasurable experience
so...Bon Appetit.

September 2,2016

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