Things have changed in Melrose over the years

... after 53 years we are happy we came here.

by Jim Tierney

After having two children and living in an apartment in Cambridge for
four years(my hometown) and having two more and living in an apartment
in Everett for four years (Barbara's hometown), we decided it's time
for our own house.

We had no idea where we wanted to go but did want our kids to have their
own hometown. We looked around a few communities and concentrated on
Melrose and Reading. When we saw 70 Trenton St Melrose, we knew right
away we wanted it without even seeing the inside yet. The property was
split into 3 lots, 2 of which were open spaces with a detached barn
straddling the house and an open space but the barn was going to be removed
and shipped to New Hampshire. The house was listed for $17, 500 and we
offered $15,500. The property was now owned by the realtor and, thinking
that they were in no hurry to sell it because they were developing the
lots for new houses, we decided we better take it for the listed price
or lose it. We also got the barn because it was not practical to remove it.
After 53 years and 2 more children we are so happy we came here as were
our 6 children who were educated in Melrose schools and have given us
13 grandchildren. This house has been and still is where we gather and
celebrate holidays and family occasions. We have been blessed living in Melrose.

Things have changed in Melrose over the years but the memories linger on.........

...Wyoming Bakery with Clemmie and Al's  baked hamburger rolls and free cookies for the kids

...Hinchey's on Wyoming Ave...Jean, Beverly, Buzzy, Joe, and the paper routes

...Milton's Drug store, across from Hinchey's.....Suffolk Cleaners, next to Milton's.....Bob's

...Lincoln School...our kids in Kindergartin before going to St. Mary's

...Newhall's and Ruderman's across from each other, Main and Essex....Clemen's next to Newhall's

...Melrose Savings Bank-Sarah Barnes&Verna, name still etched at top of building, now TD North

...Donut Shop, then Pauli's, and now Mexico Lindo...Sunnyhurst...Army&Navy, Percy

...Middlesex Coin&Stamp&Hobby Shop, Woolworth's, Grant's, now CVS

...Cerretarni's, small grocery store, now Regina's...moved to Shaw's location...Cobbler

...Parks&Recreation, Elbie Fletcher, former Boston Brave, wrist bus tag for pool in Stoneham

...Russo's Variety, Grove St, across from gas station...NHD, now Hunt's...Santa at Pine Banks

...Hockeytown on Green St, now on Route#1...Clare Dimeo's Theatre and Drama, bowling alley

...St. Mary's School with all nuns except Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. McGinley and a very efficient CCD program run by Father Daley with hundreds of high school kids meeting Wednesdays 7-8, and elementary Sunday morning, and a dedicated staff, including Kay McCarte and Marie Ryan

...The Blizzard of '78...Boston and vicinity shut down...work and schools closed...cars banned from the roads...walking to stores and anywhere for several days...meeting new people along the way


September 2, 2016



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