Random Thoughts

Thoughts While Shaving

by Jim Tierney

Have you noticed the weather reports lately? “Are we in Kansas yet, Dorothy?” where the weather report each day is “the weather today is the same as it was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow and the next day”...When I’m asked what the weather is I say “partly, partly and possible” partly cloudy, partly sunny and possible showers which is the standard weather report most of the time. When there IS a change, we will hear “pop up showers or scattered showers or isolated showers”, meaning “we have no idea where but they could be in YOUR back yard”. To fill in the allotted time, we may get the weather picture in California that will never affect us 3000 miles away or the status of a tropical storm a week away that will fizzle in a few days. Weather people are happy campers in the winter when they can forecast snow, sleet, frost, ice, freezing temperatures, and they even enjoy camping overnight in the studio during multiple inches of snowfall. Wouldn’t you like to hear true weather report just once… “sorry, we have no idea what the weather will be tomorrow”. And they can be wrong most of the time and STILL keep their job!!!

October 7, 2016

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