Random Thoughts

Thoughts While Shaving

by Jim Tierney

Are you aware of your 3 Foot World? We all have one, you just have to find yours. You may have seen the 60 Minutes interview of the ex-Navy Seal who “found myself frozen on a 300 foot cliff. I couldn’t go up and I couldn’t go down. The climbing instructor swung over to me attached to his climbing rope and told me something that has impacted every part of my life”… ’FIND YOUR 3 FOOT WORLD’. “From that moment on I focused on the cliff face before me, neither up nor down, not on what I couldn’t reach, nor to where I couldn’t step. Not on fear, not on tiredness, only on the task at hand. It was my three foot world and the only part of my world that I had control over”. The message here is that we waste too much of our time and effort worrying about things beyond our control. You can’t affect anything outside of 3 feet around you. Daily happenings like a flat tire, a cold, a death, receiving and paying bills, etc., are part of life. Deal with it.  Worry, anger, frustration gets you nowhere. 99% of what we worry about never happens. Focus on what you CAN do, like…stop procrastinating and making excuses and blaming others. Self-motivate to prepare, plan and ..yes..even meditate and find inspiration. STAY where you belong… in YOUR 3 foot world!!!

November 4, 2016

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