Favorite restaurants

... I can't think of any I don't like

by Kay McCarte

I like to eat out and I have been to a lot of restaurants that I really like.

On Saturday evenings, after the 4:00 Mass, two friends and I go out to eat to one of three restaurants, JJ Grimsby's, Dockside in Wakefield and Spuds in Saugus.
They are all good, but nothing spectacular. I also like Bobby C's, and, though I like Turners and Stearns and Hills Bistro, I find them very noisy when it is crowded.

Farther afield I like the Continental, Angelica's, Jimmy's Steer House and the Gloucester House in Gloucester.

But my very favorite place is the Danversport Yacht Club Grille & Bistro. With
its inside seating, closed porch and outside tables you can always find a
comfortable place to enjoy your meal. Last week five of us sat in the enclosed
porch and, while three of us enjoyed lobster rolls, another of us and I had the
“Summer Special” of a cup of clam chowder and ˝ a lobster roll.

That left enough room for dessert for those who wanted it. The key lime pie was excellent – it was almost as good as the key lime pie at the Old Key Lime House
in Lantana, Florida.

September 2, 2016

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