Green grass and fudgicles

... I was driving down the street the other day

by Betty Rossi

I was driving down the street the other day and it was beautiful out. The windows of the car were rolled down,
when all of a sudden...a smell! The smell of newly mowed grass grabbed me and I could feel the clock winding
backward to my childhood. Mowed grass is not a new or unusual smell, but that day, that smell, that grass brought
me back to my childhood in Melrose. Maybe it was a memory of my Dad mowing, or one of my brothers, or me or maybe
it could have been a neighbor.

In those days, we didn't have an electric mower, it was a push thing. I can see the grass stuck in the gears on
the wheels and having to find a stick to clean the grass that made the wheels stick. I haven't thought about that
in years. I'm usually a Fall person, loving to kick through the leaves and the smells and colors of Fall. But
this day was 100 percent summertime. We Stringers have been reminiscing about old days in Melrose and have
discovered that there aren't many people we can go back and refresh memories with.

That smell of new mowed grass made me remember Jimmy The Ice Cream Man and his bell. He seemed to have the
streets memorized and knew when families would be home. My favorites were Creamsicles and Orange Popsicles. My
mother made the best homemade Fudgicles! Better than any ice cream maker in the world! I sure wish that I had
taken down all of the little things we took so much for granted. I'm sure that they didn't take many ingredients.
We used to have a chocolate syrup in a bottle...and Postum. I can remember having Postum, but don't know how we
used it or how it tasted. Maybe I do remember the taste a little. But the fudgicles, I can still taste and
remember. We had the molds. Maybe she used Hershey's Chocolate Powder and water, placed the concoction into the
molds, stuck them into the refrigerator's freezer and we waited and waited and waited for them to be ready.

I was in the store the other day and bought some molds for Popsicles. A couple of different sets, but what I need
is my Mom's recipe. I have Cocoa Powder and water. I think I'll give it a try. I really want to, but I have this
crazy, crazy fear that they just won't be the same and one of my greatest memories will be ....shattered!!!

September 2, 2016

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