My favorite restaurants

... We were asked to write about our favorite restaurants, well, here goes

by Betty Rossi

I always said that if I was on death row and had to chose a last meal, it
would have to be Steak Tips and Salad from the New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea.
The steak tips are delicious and now they even bottle their own salad dressing,
it's so good.

Next, I would have to say is The Lobster Pound in Maine for Boiled, Live
Lobster and Steamers. I like the Liberty Bell in Melrose for a quick Clam
Plate or a Cup of Chowder and a Haddock Sandwich. Their shrimp isn't too
bad either. Most people like Turner's in Melrose for fish, but I love their
Portuguese Stew and had never had better anywhere else. I will even drive
up to the Sea Witch way up there on Route One when Blue Fish is in season.

Italian food, like Stuffed Calamari over Linquini would only be from DiMaino's
in Revere and for meat ...believe this carnivore/cavewoman, the Prime Rib at
the Porthole Restaurant in Lynn or even at Jimmy's on Route One, where you
can also get a wonderful Caesar Salad are the best around. Speaking of Route
One, Fudrucker's makes a mean Hamburger that you can dress up yourself with
all of the fixings.

Haven't been there in years, but the Doo Wop Diner in Malden served wonderful
breakfast with always friendly service. The Mandarin House in Reading has
probably the best Chinese Mandarin luncheon buffet on Earth. They have
everything from soup to dessert and I've never been disappointed whenever
I've gone there.

I cook Italian food, so when I get the opportunity to go to an Italian restaurant,
I usually get Mussels Fra Diavolo or Cioppino or any other fish over pasta.
Bellino's Restaurant in Wakefield had the best Cod Fish, with an eggplant,
vegetable dish on the side.

I am a food lover and enjoy going out to different restaurants, but it seems that
I always go back to my old faithfuls and get the same things over and over.
They asked the wrong person to write about favorite restaurants!

September 2 , 2016

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