Now that's a sketch!!!

... another from Don's repertoire

by Don Norris

This sketch goes back some forty years, back when I was racing a 250 Bultaco through endless woods of New England -- in enduro competition with some 300 other dirtbike riders. Sometime later I returned, while just out recreational riding, scouting out some dense woods in (as I remember) southern New Hampshire -- when I came across this abandoned building.

It sat there, all by itself, no other buildings, no people, no homes -- just heavy forest. I noted my location on the map and made a mental note to come back with my pad and pens.

Eventually, I did return. Nothing had changed, nobody had touched this place, no civilization for several miles around. So I parked the bike, took off my backpack, and made several sketches of the falling-down old building. This ink version was done back at home.

Some years later I did return -- twice, in fact. The first  time, the front left corner of the wooden structure had collapsed. Another visit a year or so later, and the old building had fallen in on itself. And on the last visit, some three years later, the  building, every scrape of it, was gone. In its place was the start of not just one new structure, but several. A new community was being built.

I never went there again. But I have my drawing of that beautiful place.

October 7, 2016

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