The Dog Festival is on the docket ...

... with apologies to felines

by Debbi Collar


Benefitting the "Stray Animal Fund" this year is the 7th annual Dog Festival In Melrose. Its beginning originally organized by former Melrose Animal control Officer Diane Kurkjian.

Melrose Animal Control Officer Coral Hope

Current Animal Control Officer, Coral Hope and her staff, as well as area businesses and vendors throughout New England take part in the event. Hope says a few of this year's businesses include:

- The Loyal Canines - an organization that will demonstrate obedience training an security.

Pet Express will have gift bags for the first 200 visitors to the knoll in Melrose, in the area of the Dog Park.

 - Mutts and Stuff  will be selling delicious dog treats.

and there will be more fun games and demonstrations.

Maya                                                                         Piccolo

Pets will participate in events such as being attired in their best Halloween costume. This event is for dogs but Hope sys "owners if they so choose, can wear a costume as well"

The event will also have  more fun, games, and prizes.

In her role as Animal Control Officer though, Hope, while encouraging pet owners to come to the event, says she must also issue a reminder to residents and their guests from other communities,
that "all
dogs must be licensed."

The event date is Sunday, October 16, from 10 am-2pm.

There will also be prizes awarded for "Cow Patty Bingo" will have the winner taking home. The winner need not be present to win.

For more information on ticket pricing and availability, contact the Animal Control Office in Melrose at (781-979-4102) or the Melrose Health Department (781-979-4130).
Regarding issues concerning inured wildlife, contact Animal Control in Boston, (617-426-9170).

As to fairness to felines, Hope smiles and says, "Cat owners are welcome to attend but I don't think the cats would appreciate the day."

October 7, 2016

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