We sort-of enjoyed the mayhem ...

... in what we believe may be another last Jason Bourne movie

from Don Norris

Strange what happens overnight -- things over which you have no control, happen.

Like, just this past Wednesday Lorry and I went to the see the flick, "Jason Bourne" at the Revere theatre complex. It was Wednesday and supposedly we seniors get a discount. So we ended up paying some seven bucks each to see this flick. Both of us are/were big fans of the Jason Bourne series -- which (we thought) ended a couple of years ago.

But the star (I can't remember his name) thought the movie moguls could milk it for one more spy movie.

This was another killer of a movie. I mean, lots of people got rubbed out, either by design or by the continuous action of the story. From the very first flick, the action went crazy, cars went crashing, people got shot, the bad guys sought to get Jason once and for all. I'll bet the script isn't more than three pages long.

But Jason wasn't ready for the end. He ran, fought, hid, drove a dozen cars to their metallic end. Crashes were continuous, street racing through some half a dozen American, European and Far East nations continued until we ran out of places to have another.

I guess I exaggerate, but I had great difficulty discerning who were the bad guys and who fought for justice. Nor could we figure who the movie's sweetheart was supposed to be -- until the end, and even then the two key people didn't, ah, embrace. At last! A movie without sex.

I enjoyed the crashing, the running and hiding, the incidental killing and dying of heroes, non-heroes and the public in general. I lost count of the nice cars that got smashed up.

Not to change the subject, but significant is the fact that on Wednesday afternoon, there were only five of us -- all seniors -- in the audience. But then, the show had been available for several weeks before this screening.

If you're into action flicks, we can recommend seeing the latest Jason Bourne -- but it seems to us that the bashing of autos and people were the whole theme of this movie. For sure, crashing, destruction and mayhem are the main themes.

But it is truly an action flick, with continuous mayhem, not too much continuity -- then you will probably enjoy this latest (and last???) Jason Bourne movie.

October 7, 2016

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