How you can be the envy of all of your friends.

... Fame awaits you as a writer for the Melrose Mirror!

by Joe Sullivan

  They laughed when I sat down at the piano….

… so I started to write stories for the Melrose Mirror instead.

The Silver Stringers put out a new edition of the Melrose Mirror every month at the Senior Center.  We’re an online publication meaning that you read us on your computer. Just “Google” Melrose Mirror front page.

The people who write the stories and take the pictures for each issue are Melrose folks. They write their stories and take pictures and send them to the Mirror. We’ll prepare them for publication.

The stories come in all sorts of ways, some by the writer’s computer others are typed or hand written and mailed to the Mirror. One writer submitted her stories written in pencil. She was in her nineties and her stories were so damn funny it would have been a crime not to publish them.

The Stringers know that there are people like you who would like to write a story and see it published. For some people it’s not just a one-and-done experience. If that’s what it’s like for you come to one of our meetings at the Senior Center to see what we do.

Your story can be about anything. The feeling you had seeing your daughter off for the first day of school or how sad you felt when you saw the huge tree on your street cut down and hauled away. If photography is your thing you can send the picture of the beautiful sunset that could be seen from your back porch.

Read a good book? Send us your review. Don’t like what your Alderman said? We’ll print your zinger. What you’ll really like is when your story is in print and appears under your byline. Nothing beats saying to yourself, Hey, I did that!

All e-mail correspondence should be sent to Melrose@media.mit. Send snail mail to Silver Stringers Milano Center 201 West Foster Melrose Ma. 02176, or give your story to a Silver Stringer who will deliver it or join us at a meeting at the Milano Center on Wednesdays at 1;30. We’d love  to get old pictures which will be published and returned.

October 7, 2016

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