Collecting memories

... So few people have learned the art of collecting memories

by Betty Rossi

So few people have learned the art of collecting memories. They collect baseball cards, marbles, books,
glassware, photographs, figurines, dolls, Matchbox cars and so many other things. They are all good, but
perishable. Happy memories are indestructible possessions which nothing can take from us. Our memories keep us
warm, help us survive and give us the love that makes us want to survive.

We are all born the same way, but the children today have different loves. I remember when we were young and
bored, we'd get a blade of grass, put it between our thumbs, we'd purse our lips and we hummed until we made
sounds. Sound crazy? Kids today missed this, I guess because no one showed them. They are so involved with
playing and winning computer games. It shocks me to see so many people on cell phones, always looking down.
Children, women and now so many men are talking on cell phones. I remember when I was growing up, it was a
challenge to get boyfriends to talk to you on the telephone. It was a woman's thing. Now they talk when they
walk, drive, shop and you name it. The cell phone has taken over. They should look up once in a while. Seeing a
rainbow, even today, makes my heart happy.

I can remember finding dandelions everywhere that had already gone to fuzzy. You would blow on them to see the
seeds scatter all over the place. My Gramma used to make a dandelion green salad that was delicious. Now,
everyone's lawn is manicured. A dandelion? God forbid! A lot of people don't even mow and maintain their own
lawns. They hire some company to do it for them.

Dandelions are a thing of the past. Just like fireflies. When I was growing up in Melrose, we had no fences.
Yards turned into other yards and we all played outside without boundaries. Crescent Avenue and Gould Street had
tons of fireflies. We used to catch them in empty jars. Fireflies in the evening and tadpoles during the day. The
kids today don't see or do either. I don't think that my grandchildren have ever seen a tadpole. The fences are
up and houses are now built where our fields of play were, making the dandelions, tadpoles and fireflies things
of our past. Our dinosaurs. Squeezeable, lovable, collectible memories.

October 7, 2016

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