Lettuce in the kitchen

... Oh my gosh, I've become a farmer!

by Betty Rossi

picture taken by my cousin Diane

Lettuce in the kitchen. Tomatoes in brown bags! Oh my gosh, I've become a farmer! I am so tickled pink. I saw on the Internet a site which stated that you could grow your own Romaine lettuce at home. I am a lover of Caesar Salad, so I said, "What the heck, I'll try it."

It said to cut about two inches up from the root and put it into a container with about an inch of water. I had Romaine. I had a container. I had water. So I thought....there you go!

I figured that I would have to wait a couple of weeks, if this even worked, but lo and behold, not even two full days and I swore that I saw something. I really couldn't believe it. Maybe the old Yankee in me said, "prove it!." I was sitting here laughing by myself looking at real, live romaine lettuce. So totally awesome, I even showed it to my son, not bragging or anything like that! This really worked, so I figured, let me try the old green tomatoes in the brown bag trick. Sure enough. Red tomatoes!

I could really get used to this farming thing. My son, my mother and my cousin Diane all have green thumbs. They could grow anything. They caught "green thumb" from my Grandpa. He was the King of Growing Stuff. Vegetables, flowers, grapes. You name it, he could grow it. Me. I have "black thumb". Maybe it's from the Sicilian part of the family...or my father's side of the family.

October 7, 2016

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