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It's not the same crowd, not at all. Over the past two decades, a hundred people came and left, supplying the group with stories about life in Melrose. These eight are the staff today, still putting out the monthly "Melrose Mirror" after twenty years. No doubt we'll continue until ...  Front row, Kay McCarte, Betty Rossi, Debbi Collar and Louise Fennell. Back, Shirley Rabb, Flo Shea, Joe Sullivn and Don Norris.

"We aren't overflowing with staff these days, but we've been putting out this internet rag called
the Melrose Mirror, for twenty years now," commented senior editor Kay McCarte.

"It's been a great two decades, however. It has been fun, it has been easy, and it keeps we golden-
agers busy, keeps us thinking, keeps us active.

Our parent organization -- the Media Lab at MIT -- put us afloat after some four or five years,
back in the nineties, and we've seen about a hundred of our communities' elders participate. Most
of them have been writers -- not professionals but good solid story tellers who had something to
say about life in their their hometown -- Melrose.

These days, we are somewhat afloat, for the Media Lab project of 1995-6 gave proof that an
international population could work together, given the new internet. The staff and students at the
media lab proved their point as copies of our operating program, called Pluto, was translated in
numerous languages around our world.

At one time we had community news rags in over a dozen countries -- Ireland and England, Finland,
Italy, Brazil and Argentina ... all writing in their own language, although a few groups chose to
tell their stories in English. At one time MIT sent a contingent of our Melrose group over to
Ireland, promoting tighter relations on an international basis.

It has been fun, for each of our twenty years of publishing the Melrose Mirror.

November 4, 2016

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