Salvation -- and a few choice expletives ...

... computer room becomes a shootin' range ...

from Don Norris

My computer room has some 50 years' collection of stuff - genealogy records, how to use a
computer books, two printers and an extra scanner -- plus all my tools from the boiler room when the
furnace broke down -- are stacked everywhere in the computer room. There is just enough room left
for me and my rolling chair.

My computer went south a couple of months ago, so progress has been stymied, few stories got
written, and no photos came out of Don's computer. I tried and tried to fix it, but I am not a
technician, and all my work for two months was destroyed almost as fast as I could write it.

Frustrating, to say the least.

Finally I decided I'd have to spend some money to get back on track. Fortunately, there was a new
little shop opened in Melrose recently, right opposite the post office on Essex Street. While my
wife Lorry was shopping at Shaws, I went to the shop and met not only a beautiful lady, but a
welcoming fit for a prince.

She and her husband are from the middle east, and I was a little skeptical about doing business
here. That feeling was shot down quickly, overcome by her pleasant and upbeat demeanor. I told her
my woes, of how my oldish computer had refused to compute, and that stories I wrote disappeared into
thin air.

She listened to me like she was really interested in my story, then suggested that her husband --
the technician with the magic touch -- take a look at my ailing computer. She also suggested that,
understanding the age of my machine, that perhaps I should consider getting a new one -- and that
she had one, used but in good shape, that I should consider. The price was somewhere around four

Nah, I said, I've got too much history contained in my six-year-old machine, so she said that her
husband could probably fix it. We made an appointment for 7:00 that evening. And he was there, shirt
and tie, at the front door, precisely at 7:00.

Good so far.

He appeared as friendly as she had been at the shop -- and he was confident that he could keep my
machine going. If not, they had a fine used machine for sale, nearly new ...

I took him back to the Computer Room (I use capitols here for I believe that this little room, once
the bedroom of our youngest daughter, is sacred). I cleared a way through all the old boxes, the
file cabinet the spare printer, the home-made file cabinets ...

An hour later he re-appeared in the living room with a smile on his face. "All done", he said, "but
come back and I'll show you what I found ..."

It seems that, over the six years I had this computer, that, in down-loading stuff off the net, that
some bad guys had attached their files to the new ones I had just bought. And over the years my
computer's memory banks just got filled up with unwanted stuff -- which he had blithely deleted. He
pronounced my computer cured, and after I tried it out, I was greatful beyond words.

His work, his knowledge, his salvation, cost me $140. I have to remember that we are now in a period
of inflation, and that one-forty was, in terms of my age, only about $20 in 1970 money. Och, such is
life. I gladly wrote out a check, thanked him (and his lovely wife) for their assistance.

And now, today (three weeks later) I am again producing stories for The Mirror. My appreciation for
a job well done is overflowing. My computer is fixed and it is capable of doing everything I ask of

And so I recommend Mr. Zahir for all your computer ills.

Ah, I have found their business card: "Melrose Computer Care", 18 Essex Street, near Shaws;
Telephone, 617-599-2934. His name is Mohammed Zahir (Unfortunately I didn't get her name). They are
good people.

And if you're interested, below are several pieces I've generated for articles that didn't make it
into recent issues of the Mirror.

Tha-thaa thaaa's all, folks.

November 4, 2016

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