A long week-end

... of perfect days

by Shirley Rabb

It was a holiday week-end and all the week-enders have gone; and the silence is overwhelming.

I allowed myself an extra day so that I could continue to sit and listen and watch the season begin
to change.

Casa and I had our walk and she sniffed the new smells of fall. The temperature was 45 degrees at
6:30am.(sweat shirt weather.)

The ducks on the shore are resting as they plan their journey south and the Red Winged Black Birds
have already gone. These four days have been of sunshine and gentle breezes. It has been the loud
call of the blackbirds and the soft songs of the chickadees and gold finches.

Because of the warmest summer on record the lake has dropped about 10 feet. The small island is now
closer to the shore but it is silent of songs.

After the mist of this early morning the lake moves gently towards the rising sun. To watch the day
unfold on the lake is a miracle to me, every time.

The burning bush shows only a few leaves turning red, and the tall wispy grasses move with the

It is another day for me to sit and read or just to sit and wonder how it all happens; but it does.

The weather changes, the trees grow taller and most of the birds have gone south.

I am able to see the changes daily, and the changes fill me with comfort and peace and make my days
here perfect

And then a double rainbow!

November 4, 2016

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