More from Don's sketchpad ...

... probably drawn while vacationing in Maine  ...

from Don Norris

Another sketch-book drawing, done thirty or forty year ago, during the period of life in which I was
to become a famous artist. Well, it didn't happen, but I still have all those sketches, the
drawings,, the watercolors and oil paintings. Now the question is, at age 85, what do I do with all that
beautiful artwork?

I mean, the kids' homes have their fill of Grandfathers' works. There is little market for amateur
stuff, but we try.

It was a good life, and I'm glad I created art -- I reckon these  paintings and drawings will hang
around, and maybe some day, someone rich dude will say, "Hey look at this beautiful painting by some guy
named Norris  ..."

November 4, 2016

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