Again, again, again, it's Halloween!!!

... This year, visitors were sparse ...

From the SilverStringeers ...

The Norrises' mantle ... or making a scene from what you have ...

Surprisingly, numbers were down, drastically, this year, as only eighteen little
folks appeared at our front door. Included in that group, however, were a couple
of hangovers from last year -- young men, apparently trying to make a profit on
goodies gathered from frightened home-owners ... (Those two guys put on a graceful
show, however).

I took no names of the 18 youngsters who rang our doorbell on the night of October
31. So we have only the precious images of our kids.

That's Lorry, my wife -- almost visible on the right side of this delightful photo
of a pair of celebrants. The photo behind our guests is of a relative of ours ...

These kids should be in the movies! At the right. their smiles, their giggles, lit
up the whole night.

Ah!! A couple of young pros, working the neighborhood with a brand new business
(we think). Good job!

And finally, a precoscious little girl appeared at the door -- she had nothing to
say, but we got the message: Goodies, or else! But ... at the right is the work of
our neighborhood squirrel, who yearly feasts on our pumpkins. This year Lorry put
tin foil on our pumpkin, which worked for two days. But then, the squirrel got the
best of us, ate a big hole, then feasted on every seed inside.

The evening was a shining success at our house. Happy Halloween, folks.

December 2, 2016

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