Its all about the weather

... one minute at a time

by Shirley Rabb

Today it is the wind, strong and busy and noisy; thrashing the bare birch and
maple trees; making the evergreens toss and dance to a wild rhythm.

The lake is dark and moving east at a pace like the ocean at high tide.

The sky is blue with clouds of grey and white hanging over the lake. Their
movement is slow and easy, not keeping up with the lake but heading in the same

The burning bush is holding on to a few strong leaves fighting against the
powerful wind. And then a moment, one minute of silence before the dancing begins

My neighbors have taken in their docks; pulled the mass of metal to rest beside
and on top of the colorful kayaks.

Their season is over and soon they will be covered with the white of winter.

The season of fall blows in the breeze. The air is chilling and the temperature

Later that night a Super Moon.

Perhaps it is time for the fireplace to start its season.

December 2, 2016

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