Tuskegee Airmen come to Melrose

... packed house remembers WWII fliers

Photos from the SilverStringers, story from the Melrose Weekly News

Photographer's note: Unfortunately, the Mirror does not have the story of the Tuskegee visit to Melrose High School in mid-November. The Mirror did have Don Norris there to photograph that event, but no reporter had been assigned to that memorable occasion.

We tried to get a copy of the story that appeared in The Melrose Weekly News, written by Gail Lowe, but technical problems prevented this from happening. Ms Lowe's piece appeared in the November 11 issue, if you can find a copy.

In the meantime, our readers can enjoy a few of the fifty photos gathered by Mr. Norris, who reports that the auditorium that evening was jammed to capacity, as his photos show.

December 2, 2016

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