Like reading a novel -- it fills the time

... Carving, drawing, photographing -- all hobbies

from Don Norris

It's what we seniors do for exercise -- er, as an exercise. Well, maybe as a
hobby, for there is little value to what I create. Sometimes. Like a hunk of wood
left over from some household project -- I saw it and what I saw was a cutting
board -- or the basis for a cutting board. So I carved it. No plan. No copy, just
cut flowery designs for my wife.

I also did a second board for one of my daughters. It is still in her kitchen, un-
used. She says it is too beautiful to use as a cutting board. It is, she says, a
work of art. Then she gives me a big hug and a smooch.

Ach, du lieber! This, would you believe, is from a special period of life --
called old age. Another chunk of hardwood becomes a comic figurine. Actually, I
carved several such characters, over a period of time. They are placed quietly
here and there around the house. The mantle, the phone-table, on the dresser ...
there are so many of them now that we can switch 'em frequently. But this guy is a
work in progress, sort of. I don't know if I'll ever get to finish it; in the
meantime, this joker sits on a sill in the kitchen.

Most people will say  "Ach, that's just a tissue, something with which to blow
one's nose. Not so, not so at all. This photo is a work of art -- it is just that,
because I (the artist) saw it as such. It, in its shades of black and white, is a
wonderful form, a delight of light and shadow. A simple piece of beauty. I see it,
but then, I am an artist.

I'll sell it to you for a couple of grand.

That's it for now.

December 2, 2016

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