Yet more of Don's sketches

... "I'll just keep on saving all that old stuff ..."

from the artist

It looks classy from here, but if you saw it in its original form -- in a
well-worm 11x14 sketch book some 30 years old, you'd see what aging can do
to good art. On the other hand, look at it as it is -- after being
resurrected by employing Photoshop. I'll wager that I've spent more time
in resurrection than in original creation.

The picture had faded over the years. and when I went to photograph it,
the cream-colored pages of my art book had turned a strong yellowish-gray
color. I spent lots of time resurrecting those old drawings, and the
result is as you see it above -- having left much of the gray shading --
like it was designed to be there. Gray.

Lots of those old sketches have faded away, but with the magic of
Photoshop (some $700 of editing propensity), I have been able to save much
of my original art. Time passes, however, and I am precipitously close to
closing life's book. The heart operation of a year ago has probably given
me another five years, before something else gives out. We'll work on the
art until that time comes. I'm positive of that.

January 6. 2017

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