It was just for one day

...only twenty four hours

by Shirley Rabb


I drove slowly as I entered the area near my home. The road had been plowed and sanded but I could see the ice
and so I was in Maine winter driving mode.

My driveway was plowed and the walkway shoveled but icy and walking was
slow to the door.


The first thing I did after putting things into the house was go back outside.

It was a chilly 19 degrees and sunny but I needed to spread sand around so the dog and I could walk the short paths
around the house.

The lake was beautiful; partially frozen and snow covered, and the air was still and peaceful.

The bird feeders needed filling so that was the next job, (no, not a job but a joy). When Casa and I were back
in the house the feeders were busy with chickadees, gold finches, woodpeckers, tufted titmouse and the bold
blue jays.


The sun shone on the lake creating a feeling of peacefulness, the trees were still against the cloudless blue sky,
and as I sat by the fireplace, feet up on the wicker hassock I felt warm and comfortable.

After checking my mail I turned on the TV to a local channel.

Perry Como was traveling through France, Austria, Jerusalem and Colonial Williamsburg singing holiday
and local songs of his and my era. I muted the few commercials to watch the birds flying past the window,
to the feeders and off to the trees.

When the music came back on I continued to watch the outdoors as I listened to the beautiful music indoors.

There was no pressure, no appointments to keep today, no need to think of yesterday or tomorrow.

Now there is only today.

January 6, 2017

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